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Brainiac by Tonesil is a virtual instrument plugin with over 150 Newly Designed Instruments in 11 Categories, in addition to a Powerful Fx Suite containing basic and creative Effects to allow Advanced Sound Design and infinity of Sonic Possibilities.


Unleash the 'Casseta N90 VSTi': a powerhouse instrument Plug-In with 100+ new sounds and a Retro Effects Suite. Perfect for infusing your music with '80s and LoFi vibes. Compatible with Windows & Mac, it features authentic CASSETONE FX for that classic tape warmth. Elevate your melodies with six unique noise options. Get ready to redefine your sound!

Drum Kingz

Unleash your beats with Drum Kingz, a revolutionary MPC-style Drum VST plugin. Explore a rich collection of 120+ meticulously curated drums in 10 Sets, complete with powerful features like a visualizer, Compressor, and Equalizer for unparalleled sound control. Fine-tune every hit with the Velocity knob, and sculpt your sound in real-time with the built-in mixer. Elevate your drumming experience today!

Eclipse VSTi

Eclipse VSTi: A dynamic virtual workstation tailored for urban music styles like Hip Hop, Trap, and Soul Trap. With 80 presets spanning 12 categories, from Bells to Strings, it offers a rich sound palette. Equipped with intuitive controls including Reverb, Delay, and Filters, Eclipse lets you effortlessly shape and customize your sounds.

EVOL Workstation

Evol Workstation' - a game-changing plugin with 100 unique sounds, perfect for crafting exceptional Trap, UK Drill, or RnB beats. This powerhouse offers instant inspiration, rare effects, and velocity-sensitive keys for a truly immersive music-making experience. Elevate your productions with Evol Workstation today!

Furnace VSTi

Introducing ‘Furnace VSTi’ – a cutting-edge instrument plugin with 110 high-quality presets spanning 12 categories. Elevate your sound with meticulously crafted Bells, Brass, Strings, Choirs, and more. Plus, enjoy essential effects like reverb, delay, and sound shaping features.

Gold Bars VSTi

'Gold Bars VST' is a dynamic plugin with 90 custom instruments spanning genres like Pop, RnB, and Hip Hop. Crafted by our team, it features essential effects for seamless integration. Compatible with Windows and Mac, it's your key to elevated musical productions.

Gold Trigger

Introducing ‘Gold Trigger VST’ – a meticulously designed 808 plugin boasting 50 custom bass presets. Enhance your beats with three powerful effects.

Guerilla Nation

Introducing Guerilla Nation, Digikitz's cutting-edge VST plugin. With over 130 meticulously crafted sounds spanning genres like Hip-Hop, Trap, RnB, and Pop, this tool is a game-changer. Elevate your music with powerful effects, flexible storage options, and seamless compatibility on Windows and Mac systems.

Jack O’ Player

For this Halloween, we bring you the BEST Treat! Jack O’ Player is a VST/AU Instrument focused on Horror sounds. This Plugin comes with 80+ Presets, including Basses, Bells, Keys, Guitars, Leads, Pads, Plucks, Flutes, Organs, Strings, and more.


KRONIC VSTi: A game-changing Urban Music Producer's dream. 150 top-tier Factory Instruments, 16 Categories, and a powerhouse FX suite for unmatched sound sculpting. Plus, enjoy a visually stunning interface with animated elements for a one-of-a-kind experience.

Linked Vibes

Unlock boundless sound possibilities with Digikitz's 'Linked Vibes VST.' Explore 130+ meticulously crafted presets and a dual-layer function for sonic innovation. Elevate your music production.